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The Referees’ Association (The RA) and the RAFA Youth Council (RAFAYC) will play an important role in the National Referee Strategy. This is because their nationwide structure will allow them to supplement The FA’s development work and, mainly through local RA groups, will provide important support, guidance and mentoring (both formal and informal). Their work is especially important for new referees, young referees and all referees operating at grass roots.

The Football Association National Referee Strategy





Help and advice is only a phone call away

Support, Advice and Guidance

The Referees’ Association (RA) are mindful that in times of need we sometimes take the welfare of ourselves and those around us for granted. The RA is able to support you.
If you have been physically, verbally or mentally abused whilst officiating or suspended/charged by the Football Association please contact either the RA, your Local Referees’ or County Referees’ Association so that we can:

  • make contact and discuss the incident with you
  • offer you welfare help, support, advice and guidance
  • seek professional legal help, support advice and guidance for you

Telephone: 02476 420 360 or Email:


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Our Partnerships

Partnerships are often formed between individuals, agencies or organisations with a shared interest to address specific issues. Our evidence reveals that our members young and old often require mental, emotional, financial, medical help, support and guidance. The Referees’ Association champion the work of those agencies that provide this support in times of need.
Should you require support please contact the relevant agency below or the RA Head Office.

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A Match Officials Guide

There may be a variety of reasons for a person requesting a Personal Hearing, view the FA's guide.




Why every referee should join the RA

Watch the video, read the brochure and join today, see here for your nearest branch.

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Advice, Best Practice and Guidance for Match Officials

This section contains a number of guides to assist in the welfare of our match officials.

The purpose of the safegurding guide is to protect the interests of all members of The Football Association (FA) and The Referees’ Association (RA) with a focus on meeting the needs of Under 18s and fulfilling legal safeguarding requirements.

If anyone has any concerns with regards to safeguarding these must be reported to the FA/RA Welfare Officer. Any serious concerns must be reported to the police.



Partner, Sporting Touch RA

Our kit and equipment supplier, Sporting Touch, offers special offers and discounts for RA members. Bulk discounts are available for County RAs and Local RAs.

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Spencer Hayes Insurance

Spencer Hayes Insurance have developed a micro site specifically for members of the Referees' Association, click the button below to access the site.

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CYC Development Programme

All the tips, tricks and resources to start and maintain a Youth Council in your County.

Brochure available here to download and view.

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Practical Advice for Match Officials

One of the key duties of the role of a Referee is to provide the appropriate authorities with a match report, which includes information on any disciplinary action taken against players and/or team officials and any other incidents that occurred before, during or after the match. Other Match Officials may also need submit a misconduct report if misconduct or any other incident has occurred out of the view of the Referee, or to advise the Referee of a Player or Team Official who has used offensive or insulting language and/or gestures.

This e-book will provide essential advice to assist you with submitting your reports to The FA and County FAs, and has a range of videos and downloadable materials to help provide useful examples of best practice.



Supporting Referees since 1908

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David Elleray, Final Speech as President

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More Videos from the Referees' Association

Including Development Day 2017

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Our Objectives

Not for Profit

to operate as a not-for-profit membership organisation for football referees in which all operating surpluses are retained for the further development of the Association.


to provide an environment for companionship and personal refereeing development working in partnership with other members of the football family.


to recruit into membership registered and former registered referees and to retain their membership.


to support and protect members from injustice and unfair treatment in matters related to refereeing.

to operate through and support a network of County and Local Referees’ Associations and to provide guidance and support for their members.


to represent the interests of members to and on the controlling bodies of Association Football.

Supporting Young Referees

Quotes from Parents

"Positive encouragement from those with a love for the game - coupled with experience - encourages development, which, in turn, leads to success for the next generation"


"BARA's continued support for my young Referee is key. This has proven to unlock so many doors for her learning development... Fantastic!"


"One of the most helpful things for my daughter would be the mentoring side of things - that's been amazing - her confidence levels have shot up through the roof!"



Benefits of Membership of the RA

The National RA recommends that prospective members should join through their local LRA, the easiest way being to attend one of the many local association meetings that take place across the country on a regular (usually monthly) basis. Many local associations offer reduced subscription rates for new members, you can find details of your nearest branch by clicking on the button below.

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Online membership is now available for any referee who wishes to take up central membership. The National RA will then allocate you a local branch.


Core Benefits are automatically included in your membership of The Referees’ Association. The Additional Benefits have been carefully created to aid your day to day activities as a Referee and member of The Referees’ Association.



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In conjunction with Spencer Hayes Rewards, you can save money on you everyday shopping.

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Access training material and other resources via the member areas of the web site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Howard Webb

Throughout my career The Referees’ Association has been a constant source of advice, guidance and support.
Membership of The RA has been an essential part of my development and I struggle to see how any aspiring referee can achieve their goals without the support offered by The RA.

Howard Webb, FIFA World Cup Final Referee
Michael Oliver

I have been a member of The Referees’ Association since my refereeing began in 1999. Being a member has so many different benefits; the opportunity to attend meetings with colleagues and learn from their experiences, a sounding board to ask questions of more experienced referees, the training sessions and guest speakers at branch meetings, not to mention the protection and legal assistance of the RA should it ever be needed. In my opinion, being a member of The Referees’ Association gives any referee a greater chance of success and enjoyment.

Michael Oliver, FIFA & Premier League Referee

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